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Hawthorne Bail Bonds


Here at Bail Bonds Hawthorne, our agents are prepared to receive your calls in your time of need. We operate 24/7 in order to help you at any way possible.


The moment you call us we will ask you for your personal information and the arrestee’s as well. In addition, our agent is going to call the jailer and gather as many as possible information needed for your case so you can take your loved one out of jail.

The next step is our agent to close an appointment with you so we can go through the necessary paperwork to complete the bail bond process. After that, our agent is going to provide the paperwork to the jailer so the defendant to be released from custody.

In the City of Hawthorne, the Jailer can release an arrestee anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour depending the amount of work he has that day.

When someone is getting arrested in Hawthorne, is going to ne under custody by the Hawthorne Police and he or she will be transferred to the Hawthorne Police Department at 12501 Hawthorne Blvd, CA 90250.

When then defendant arrives there, he will be charged and booked to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Expertise & Availability


Then with the use of a machine called Live Scan, the arrestee is going to have his fingerprints scanned.


Live Scan is connected to the Justice Department and that way the Jailer is going to wait for the results so he or she to be able to see if there are any pending warrants or if the defendant is wanted by any other law agency.


That process can take several hours. If everything is ok, then the Jailer is going to deem the arrestee clear for bail and can accept bail for him at that time.

Our ultimate goal and mission here in Bail Bonds Hawthorne are to provide to our customers the necessary help and knowledge needed in your times of need. Our efficient services make sure that you will get out of that nightmare as fast as possible.

We will make sure that your experience through those rough times for you and your loved once to have a happy end. Our extremely high trained agents will not rest till they manage that and bring the defendant back to you as fast as possible.

For further information about us and our services, please contact Quick Bail Bonds Hawthorne CA, (310)561-8088

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11836 Gale Ave

Hawthorne, CA 90250


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hawthorne bail bonds

Why Choose Hawthorne Bail Bonds!


bail bonds in hawthorne ca
hawthorne bail bonds

We understand how rough the situation is for you. Our experienced and well-trained personnel is always prepared to help you through that extremely difficult process in a fast and easy way. If for any reason you are not able to come and visit us, don’t worry, our agents will be at your place in no time and guide you through the paperwork needed step by step.


The moment the paperwork is ready, our agent is going to post the bond. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to an hour for the defendant to get released from the moment the bond is posted.

Our extended bond services cover the neighboring cities of Inglewood, Gardena, Lynwood, South Gate, Huntington Park, Culver City, Marina Del Ray and most of the West and Southwest Los Angeles County. Don’t waste any more time, call our live agents now and let us help you. Believe us, you will be glad that you made that call!

The most important values for us here at Hawthorne Bail Bonds are Commitment, Dedication and Honesty. You and your family is our main priority and responsibility.
We work 24/7 for you and your loved one and we won’t rest or give up till you do.

Our job is to assist you every step through the process because we understand how important family and friends are to our lives.
We manage to make difficult moments like these to become much easier. Our primary and main goal for us is help you and your family to return back to your regular life as fast as possible. We understand how devastating that period may be for you and we promise to do our best to help you through.



Hawthorne Police Department:


Address:  12501 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250


Phone:    (310) 349-2700


City of Hawthorne, CA


The population of Hawthorne is close to 85.000 citizens. The position and location of the city is one of a kind. Is is very close to the ocean and is sharing borders with three beach cities from the west side, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and El Segundo.

Hawthorne is also a suburban community with borders to more inland cities like Century City, Inglewood and Gardena. For the reason that the city is close to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) makes it a very crowded and busy area during the daytime hours, especially due to two of the busiest freeways of Southern California that run through the city.

We operate and serve the great city of Hawthorne since 2003. Our agents helped the local and surrounding cities families by getting their loved ones out of jail in thousand cases. That’s why our name is greatly respected in the area.

You have to understand that people never intend to get arrested and have problems with the law.


Living in a crowded place such as Los Angeles, increases the chances for someone to get arrested because people are more vulnerable and can get arrested even for the simplest reasons like an expired driving license, even when you are not aware that your license has expired, and for more serious and complex reasons, like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  

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