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Hawthorne Police Department, CA.

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The Hawthorne Police Department was founded in 1922, and is one of the more modern departments that have remained a small town feel. The Hawthorne Police Department has been determined to remain current with the needs of its residents regarding policies and programs for everyone in the city. This police department continues to lead the way in modern policing and in programs that involve the residents with officers. Recently they hosted a program that was nationally acclaimed “Coffee with a Cop, “ which was a fundraiser where Hawthorne residents were invited to sit and speak with an officer about their concerns about any policies or procedures that may be of concern. They are also only one of two Police Departments in California to have a Service Dog 24/7, which shows how this police department has made innovative approaches to community policing one of their main priorities. The Hawthorne police department consists of about one hundred officers and fifty support staff to help serve the growing community of Hawthorne. The community of Hawthorne has grown to about 85,000 residents and is still growing, which makes it a hard task for the one hundred officers in charge of keeping each and every one of them safe. The department does an amazing job of keeping its residents safe and sound as well as making sure that law and order is kept. The Hawthorne police department maintains its status as the only department in the South Bay with its own Helicopter, Electric Motorcycles, Tactical Medicine Program, Armored Rescue Vehicle, and state of the art Police Facility. Everyone at the Hawthorne Police Department are some of the best officers in the state and pride themselves in their professionalism as well as their commitment to their communities on and off duty. The officers of the Hawthorne Police Department are and have always been involved in their communities, trying to help the residents in any way that they can. Article by Bail Bonds Hawthorne.

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