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Hawthorne Mayor Facing Felony Charges is trying to Get Reelected

Amidst the election coming up for Mayor of Hawthorne, current Mayor Danny Juarez faces six felony charges related to abuse of political office and his competitors make sure to separate themselves from him regarding that. Despite the ongoing criminal prosecution of Juarez, he is still trying to hold on to his seat by pointing out his 26 years of political experience in Hawthorne. He continues to insist that he is innocent of all charges that he is facing. He is being accused of seeking roughly $25,000 from local businesses for his campaigns, but using the funds for personal reasons. These controversial accusations have truly affected his political future in Hawthorne and anywhere else for that matter. His opponents Chris Brown and Jose Gutierrez are making every effort to convince the people of Hawthorne that Danny Juarez is not the right man to run the beautiful city of Hawthorne. We will see how this all turns out in the near future and the truth will eventually come out.

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