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Six Men Arrested at Hawthorne Checkpoint

During an overnight checkpoint in the heart of Hawthorne, Police say they arrested one drunken driver, five other adults for other alleged crimes, and wrote seventeen tickets. The checkpoint was set up this past Thursday night at seven p.m. and lasted until the next morning at three a.m. The person in charge of the checkpoint stated Saturday morning that the people arrested that night were arrested from various traffic and license related offenses. There was a total of 1,306 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint and the police impounded only eight vehicles. This checkpoint shows how a police presence helps preserve the safety of the community by showing people there are consequences to their actions. The idea of setting up checkpoints throughout a city has been around for a while and has proven to have a lasting impact on the safety of the city. The residents of each city support this action and believes that it helps keep the community safe from harmful acts by people breaking the law. If you would like to learn more about the purpose of a checkpoint, then feel free to visit any police departments website to get that information.

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