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Another Arrest in Fatal Hawthorne Beating

Authorities have arrested another woman in connection with the beating death of a 65-year-old man at a Metro Blue Line station near Hawthorne. The victim John Whitmore was beaten on June 13, 2014 and died later that week from his injuries. The two women arrested for the crime are 24-year-old Tracy Gomez and 23-year-old Virginia Butler. Gomez was arrested earlier this week on Sunday and Butler was arrested Thursday morning and both were found at each of their own homes. Authorities reported that the victim was waiting for a train when he and the two suspects began arguing ant they proceeded to beat him senseless until he fell to the ground and became unconscious. The victim’s sister Gwedolyn Whitmore Aldridge explained to reporters that this crime was violent, vicious, and had to have taken awhile to kill him. Police had a reward for the conviction of these two suspects and are happy to have them in custody and off of the streets. Crimes like these can happen anywhere at any time, so police are reminding the public to be careful who you begin conflicts and to always travel with a friend.

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