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A 45-year-old man in Hawthorne is accused of deliberately killing little Chihuahuas!

A 45-year-old man in the city of Hawthorne is accused of deliberately killing one of his wife’s little Chihuahuas early Monday afternoon. The father of two has denied murdering the dog in the backyard of their home located in Hawthorne, CA. There are two security vehicles in the alley where the incident occurred and you could clearly see the defendant release the dog from the trunk of his car and then back up and accelerate towards the defenseless dog. Although, there is evidence that the Hawthorne man did in fact run over his wife’s dog, he still pleads not guilty on the charges of animal cruelty. His wife shared with investigators that the man has never liked her dogs and always complained about how noisy they were at night causing him to loose sleep. Police are still looking into the investigation, but it is clear in the videos that the Hawthorne man did indeed purposely run over his wife’s dog. The trial is set to begin by late May and the man has left his house to stay with a friend through this whole ordeal.

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